FAQ + Facts

Frequently Asked Questions And Facts

Quick Facts

  • I use Photoshop Cs6 and a Bamboo Tablet

  • I use a Macbook Pro, however I prefer PC

  • I am indeed a female, boobs and all

Do you livestream?
Yes I do! However they are often random. I’ll post an announcement on either my DeviantArt or my FurAffinity with a link. I do both regular art streams and commission streams.

Can I draw your character/use them in my story or comic?
I don’t mind at all! All I ask is that credit is given by link or mention, make sure people can find me with the credit. However, I am not okay with my characters being drawn in situations that I did not approve, such as torture, explicit, demoralizing, racism, etc. Please try to keep them in character, if you have trouble judging their personalities I am always willing to help!

May I have a commission?
On almost every site I’m on, I make it very clear wether I am open for commissions are not. Please be sure to look there first before asking me, it saves us both time! I will announce when I am open. In order to receive a commission from me, you are required to read my Terms of Service. Also, please take a glance at my commission prices just to get an idea of my price-range. Last but not least, you must fill out a Commission Formand send it in to me for review.

Do you do requests?
I’m sorry, but I do NOT do requests. I simply just don’t have the time to do them. I also don’t ever really do Art Trades for the same reasons.

How do you draw dragons?
I usually start off with shapes for the main body parts ; head, chest, hip, and feet, then string everything together with lines. From there, I actually use my extremely patient pitbull Dukey for anatomical reference (I say patient because if he’s sleeping, he’ll let me pose his legs for whatever position I need reference for!). If he’s not the right body type, I look up photos of other pitbulls! Pitbulls are a personal preference, but other dogs can work too! Also lions work really well too. The best advice I can give, though, is to practice! Lots and lots of it 🙂

Is your question not listed here? Please feel free to contact me with a question!


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